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Now You Can Serve Patients Needing MTM Services

Clinical Care Group (CCG) is a business platform which unlocks a new revenue stream for independent consultant pharmacists/trained health care providers by providing access to and back-end support for patient cases requiring Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Powered by OpalCare, the only cloud-based and fully-customizable software designed to streamline Medication Regimen Reviews (MRR) and MTMs, CCG membership enables you to:

Grow Your Business

Easily expand service offerings and deepen the level of patient care while increasing productivity.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Conduct MTM reviews to improve therapeutic outcomes for patients and provide continuity of care, no matter where they are.

Streamline Administration

Take advantage of robust technology and services that identify MTM opportunities, simplify completion and automate reporting, processing and reimbursement management.

  • CCG enables consultant pharmacists to provide MTM services which improve outcomes and enhance patient quality of life while also achieving our business goals.

  • ~ Erin Graves, PharmD, Co-Founder, Medication Therapy Solutions, Inc.

Get More Out of Your Consultant Pharmacist Practice

MTM Services Improve Patient Outcomes and Help You Grow Your Business

Clinical Care Group (CCG) gives consultant pharmacists the chance to tap into your entrepreneurial drive, expand and improve care offerings and build the career you’ve always wanted by connecting you to patients needing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.

Once limited to pharmacy providers, CCG’s business services and cloud-based platform have unlocked a new revenue stream for consultant pharmacists through integration with major MTM service providers. Contact us to learn more about the three-step process to join CCG and start providing MTM services to your current and future long-term care patients.

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